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The Quality of Battery Becoming The Biggest Problem of China Electric Vehicles

It is understood that the electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular because of their convenience, no pollution and other GPS Antenna advantages. Consumers usually take the life length of battery as a major factor measuring the quality of electric vehicles. The problem of battery quality is the most bother thing for people when they ride electric hex bolt vehicles. At present, there are four secret worries existing electric vehicle batteries.

Expert introduced that the battery produced by electric vehicle manufacturers are generally provided by professional battery manufacturers. The batteries of different brands and different manufacturers are different in quality, so the prices have high and low points. Some manufacturers do malicious competition in order to eat the big cake of scooters market, they play price war in product sales, but cut corners in production link, they use poor-quality batteries that purchased cheaply to assemble electric vehicles.

According to relevant provisions, as the main component of electric vehicles, battery has corresponding "Three Guarantees" period. According to reports, from the market research, some scooter salesperson have neither professional knowledge of battery maintenance nor relevant professional testing equipment, they only add some electrolyte in the battery that has failure during the "Three Guarantees" period, which can be said it has maintained. But the electric bike would be out of work again because of the same trouble after a few days. After a few rounds, the battery's "Three Guarantees " has expired, at that time, manufacturers will ask consumers to buy a new battery by themselves. Some manufacturers will not admit the fault of battery quality, they blame all on consumers. Moreover, some of them change new batteries for consumers on the surface, but the batteries they give to consumers are still old ones, they just have made some technical processing on the fitness appearance. Secretly, they ask for new batteries from manufacturers in the name of replacing batteries for consumers, they sit to enjoy the benefits, but garment steam consumers become live ones.

As reported, some consumers' using method of atv battery is improper. First, the time of charging the battery is so long, they believed that the longer the battery charge and the electric bikes would be more. Second is long-time power loss, they charge their battery only when the voltage auto parts closes to the "red line". Third, consumers charge the battery in the case of the electric bike temperature is too high or too low. Fourth, they don't pay attention to the skyrunner battery's regular inspection, maintenance and servicing. Fifth, they don't have proper operation according to instruction.

Electric vehicle batteries are generally lead-acid pole batteries. According to professionals, lead-acid batteries are made of lead, sulfuric acid and some metal and plastic components. Waste battery acid contains a lot of lead, so the indiscriminate emission will not only pollute soil and water, but also lead to human metabolism, reproductive and neurological and other aspects diseases. Relevant departments required specifically that the electric car parts vehicle sales industry must do the recycling work of waste batteries. But in reality, some vendors take it like a passing wind, which caused that part of waste batteries are took away by other people. They dump the lead-acid liquor car accessories anywhere, and then remove the lead inside the battery and sold it to scrap yards.

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The Market Degree of China Auto Parts Is Higher Currently

Under the promotion of national policy and people's demand, China automobile market is still carrying on last year's hot market since this year. However, incompatible with the complete vehicle enterprise's situation, China GPS Antenna industry is facing a great dilemma: auto parts enterprises are confronted with serious revenue problems, raw material prices increase, product backlog and the development of solar panel enterprises is very difficult. The number of enterprise is large, but the overall quality is not high, the exports have declined sharply, domestic market also has got into the position surrounded by foreign hex bolt investors.

The present situation of auto parts has fully explained that, the current market degree of blow molding machine has been relatively high. The low threshold has resulted a large number of private capitals to enter into, the number of enterprise is very large, but the overall quality is not high. China's auto parts only pay attention to output and production, but pay no attention to quality and R&D, some solar water heater company's factories are large, but special research and development centers are not established. Therefore, the bag making machine enterprises independence R&D capacity is weak; the anti-risk ability also is poor.

How to guide the plastic valve industry to go out of the all-time low as quickly as possible and rapidly rise in the tide of globalization? Experts believe that in the current economic situation, if parts enterprises want to obtain long-term development, they must rely on national policies support, accelerate company merger and restructuring through industryís revitalization and planning, optimize the allocation of resources and then form the competitive power. Mr. Xu Changming, the director of the Information Resources Development Department of China Information Center, he believes that the merger and restructuring of parts enterprises is more urgent than the complete vehicle, if there are no large parts enterprises, the cost canít be declined and the quality canít be improved, so the whole industry's development will be extremely difficult. Domestic parts and components blow molding machine enterprises are small, weak in strength and lack of R & D capabilities, under this background, if they want to develop rapidly they must speed up merger and restructuring, and form the scale effect.

Under the influence of financial crisis, the development of foreign auto parts enterprises is still not optimistic, only in cip Germany, nearly a hundred of auto parts enterprises are in hot water because the capital chain rupture, they seek buyers and investment opportunities in China, many of them have good technology and stable pvc fitting sales channels. Wang Zhile, the research fellow of International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute of Ministry of Commerce, he suggested that Chinese car parts enterprises should learn from the experience of developed countries' large-scale two-way investment, and actively promote the process of auto parts industry globalization. They should actively participate in overseas mergers and acquisitions, attract international resources and promote domestic parts industry upgrading.

Currently, some domestic slitting machine companies and parts manufacturers have walked out of China. China's domestic auto parts enterprises are improving their own technical strength through overseas acquisitions, the strategy to break the situation that foreign enterprises control key technology and market is becoming more and more evident. As for how to determine the acquisition objects, industry experts believe that many valuable foreign car companies will face bankruptcy, they have advanced technology and their customers market is also very attractive -- for Chinese car accessories companies, this is a good opportunity. A company should know its core competence first, then to evaluate whether the overseas M & A is the best choice and to choose what kind of acquisition targets. Auto companies should give more consideration to quality problems; however, to improve quality the advanced technology is needed, which is a key part that should get in the merger and acquisition.

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China Auto Parts Enterprises Facing Various Internal and External Troubles

Chinese hot automobile market of 2009 has made China quickly become the world's largest automobile market; it has become an automobile superpower, but not automobile great power. The core of developing China's automobile industry is to achieve the leaping development of auto parts industry, and master the core technology of components. Currently, the diseased full zero relationship of auto is increasingly becoming the tightening hoop-incantation that restrict the development of Chinese auto parts enterprises, so to explore new cooperation model between automobile companies and parts manufacturers is imminent.

Now under the influence of capital, the supporting systems and administrative regions, the industry segmentation in domestic enterprises is serious, the technology is backward and the development is very difficult. Before more policies and measures that can encourage and support auto parts enterprises publishing by the state, the predicament of Chinese auto parts in the sandwich layer is difficult to change. Now with status advantages, domestic vehicle companies find various reasons to skimp car parts enterprises' deserved payment, which they earn through supplying products to vehicle companies, in auto industry this is an open secret that vehicle manufacturers exploit component part enterprises. When vehicle companies lack adequate funds for their investment, they also require component part enterprises to provide substantial circulating funds for them, the amount is different from millions to a hundred million Yuan, in order not to undermine the cooperative relations, component part enterprises are forced to keep their resentment to themselves.

The strength of Chinese auto parts enterprises is not strong, now in China there are nearly two million Chinese-funded parts enterprises, accounting over 80% of the total number of domestic parts enterprises, but the sales is only 20%, 90% of products are concentrated in the low-end. A survey shows that it is difficult for most of Chinese-funded parts enterprises to enter supplier ranks of joint venture car accessories products, the part suppliers with foreign capital background selected by American auto enterprises in China are close to 100%, the proportion of German and Japanese auto enterprises is 88.9% and 89.5%, but domestic own-brand auto enterprises is 52.8%.

Since the state current policy of auto industry is to restrict the foreign ownership can not exceed 50% in vehicle joint venture enterprises, bur there are not many restrictions on foreign investment entering Chinese auto parts industry, so the foreign parts magnates have set up wholly owned or joint venture enterprises in China, which has further occupied the market share of Chinese local parts enterprises, now it has accounted for 80%. The world-renowned parts companies are strengthening their expansion in China gradually, most China's domestic dirt bike companies are marginalized, and they are facing great risk of bankruptcy. At present, China's core component parts such as auto electronic fuel injection system, engine, ABS, airbags, automotive transmission and so on are heavily dependent on foreign imports.

In recent years, the market share of local parts suppliers in this part is declining gradually. Since the 2008 financial crisis, the profit margins of global skyrunner enterprises has dropped significantly, the profit before interest and tax is close to zero, some parts enterprises have gone bankrupt. The fierce market competition has forced foreign capital parts suppliers to accelerate the expansion in China, the world famous parts companies have established wholly-owned or joint venture plants in order to grab Chinese auto market in force. Chinese hot auto market in 2009 has attracted almost all the world's parts magnates to make Chinese market as an important market. After the world's major vehicle manufacturers such as Germany, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and Korea entering China, they have formed their own new and closed auto parts support system according to different GPS Antenna technical standards. It has resulted in serious phenomenon in Chinese auto parts industry that the development is dispersed, which has greatly limited Chinese electric bikes industry to centralize and form scale. Some joint ventures or wholly owned enterprises begin to develop toward the low end after they have achieved scale advantages in the early stage, for example, Bosch has started to develop hex bolt corresponding parts products aiming at low-end auto models in order to meet the matching requirements of Chinese own brand electric bike enterprise, when China's own brand parts companies are going upgrade, which is likely to make Chinese local fitness enterprises face a new round of survival crisis.

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Electric Tools: Europe and America Are The Major Markets For Exportation

In recent years, China electric tool industry has been vigorously developing the international market and has made remarkable achievements, and it has become the world's largest producer and exporter of electric tools. The statistical data of the Customs shows that Chinese electric tools export amount has exceeded more than one times than Germany, the global export volume of which ranked second in the world, and ranking first.

As the electric tools industry calls for small investments and yield quick returns, also its production relies on assembly, in recent ten years Chinese electric tools enterprises have mushroomed, although the industry's production level is increasing continually, but at the same time it also has brought white-hot price garden tools competition, which even has reached the unprofitable situation. In last year, under the drive of the global coiled silicon steel sheet, copper, aluminum and other raw material price rising, the international market price of Chinese electric tools had fully reversed the situation of declining year by year, the average unit price all increased, and the rate was significantly. Although the majority of the electric tools price increase garden tools offset the raw materials price increase, there is no simultaneous increase in profits, but at least it shows that China electric tools industry is developing toward improving product quality and going on the way of becoming big pvc fitting exporter.

In last year, China exported electric tool kitchen utensil products to 161 countries and regions, although the market is wide, but the concentration is high. Calculated by export volume, nearly 80% of the electric tool products are exported to Europe, America and other developed countries; nearly 50% are exported to three major power tools markets--America, Germany and Britain. The export volume of the top 10 export markets accounted for nearly 75% of Chinese total exports. The world's largest electric tool importers are American and German bag making machine market, and their imported electric tools from China are listed first in the country. In the two markets, Chinese power tools market share are 55% and 30% or more respectively. In these countries building hardware supermarkets and stores you can see that the average electric tools solar water heater are basically produced and imported from China. As the feature that people in these developed countries are willing to make something by themselves (DIY), which plastic valve has decided both Europe and North America are the main export areas of Chinese electric tools for a long period of time.

The blow molding machine export patterns of some electromechanical products with large trade surplus are mainly processing trade, but the export of Chinese electric tools has remained the general trade mode for many years. In last year, the electric tools adopted the general trade export pattern, which is the same as the previous year; it maintained the ratio of 54% in total exports. The slitting machine trade of processing with imported materials and assembling trade are also relatively stable, accounting for 30.23% and 14.94% respectively. It is gratifying that the three cip trade patterns all have achieved the simultaneous growth of the blow molding machine export volume, export value and unit price, thereinto, the unit price of general trade and processing and assembling air tools trade has increased more than 10%.

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China Auto Manufacturers Speeding up Development of Powertrain System

Strategy Analytics - Automotive Electronics Service released the latest report that Chinese automobile fitness manufacturers developed quickly in the powertrain system. Their analyst has attended Beijing Auto Exhibition 2010, and observed that Chinese carmakers has concerned for energy-saving powertrain.

In order to enhance fuel efficiency, almost every model showed on the Exhibition is equipped with advanced multi-point fuel injection system with variable timing valve. Moreover, many of the vehicle are reduced engine electric bike displacement, and equipped with mechanical supercharger or turbo. Strategy Analytics believe that in the long term, the Chinese automobile manufacturers will adopt further for gasoline direct injection system, advanced auto parts management system, automotive exhaust gas recirculation system, start & parking system, as well as hybrid and electric powertrain. New Vehicle automatic transmission control system will further enhance the power transmission performance.

Kevin Mak, the dirt bike analyst of Strategy Analytics, comments that the most notable is the improvement speed of Chinese local electric bikes manufacturers. The Chinese government has recognized the growing danger of dependence on imported car parts crude oil, so government advocates enhancing the powertrain performance when continuing to develop the car industries, so that to stabilize the demand for crude oil. On the other hand, the wide criticism from car accessories domestic and foreign on China's pollution level is prompting the government to accelerate the implementation of more stringent emission standards, and issue new fuel economy instructions. In addition, the Government may amend preferential taxation policies on skyrunner carbon dioxide emissions or fuel economy measures, to replace the current measures based on engine displacement, and implement greater subsidy electric bike policy for hybrid and electric locomotives.

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